The Moment Between

Posted by Lorelai on March 30, 2014

IMG_0221Not who I was yesterday anymore. Not yet who I am meant to become. In this moment I am Nobody. Nothing. But still – I am. I live in the Pause, in the Moment Between. 

A bit impatient, wanting to move onto the next chapter of doing, acting, creating. But I cannot force it, I know that. I already tried …

In this moment there is no action, but there is a movement. Invisible, gentle movement of the unseen forces of the Universe, preparing everything for the Future that is about to become the Present. Really soon.

The movement is beyond me, but still within me, although I cannot touch it – it is only a feeling. Kind of like the rocking of a boat, that is gently gliding on still waters of the mysterious lake. What’s rocking the boat? The movement doesn’t come from the boat itself – it’s not alive after all, is it? It’s not the water either – the lake is completely still. The movement is just the remains of the action of the oars, that pushed against the water a while ago.

One – slide.

Two – slide.

I have started a fire long, long ago. The fire that is now almost vanished. Only couple of pieces of hot coal remain burning in the bone fire. When it is done, I will be done. Then the New Day will awake, showing me how I am meant to be.

Now – there’s Silence.

All that’s left for me to do is just to BE.

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