Rules of Life

Posted by Lorelai on June 10, 2014

monk&lion“What goes up, must come down. “

“What goes around, comes around.”

“Seek and you shall find.”

“You reap what you sow.”

These are the rules of the world, they said. That’s how life operates, they said. Believe in them, apply to them and all will be well, they said.

Guess what – I believed, I applied and then I grew up and my eyes opened wide. And I saw. The rules work only in fairy tales. People do bad things and they get away with it. People do good things and keep finding obstacles blocking their paths. Innocent children get sick and die. Animals are abused, planet is destroyed, kindness is invisible. People are confused and wander around, lost in that world of illusion.

Who made the rules, anyways? Who decided that this is what the world should be like? Who started that chain of wrong-teachings of some absurd, made-up laws, that have been messing with young minds from generation to generation?

And the wheel of madness keeps on turning …

We are lost in unawareness, trying to make sense of the world by making up rules in an attempt to control our enviornment, our lives. But the truth is shining brightly right in front of us: there is no spoon. Control is an unattainable dream. The rules don’t work.

Each person has their own laws and rules that run their little worlds. And these rules change constantly, just like we change from one moment to the next. So why depend on them so much? Why put so much importance onto controlling our lives?

It would save so much heartache to just take things as they come, accept the fact that there is no such thing as justice, karma or rightness. Whatever happens – happens. It might be a comfort to hope that it all happens for a reason, which, although currently unknown, will show itself to us in some unexpected moment in a distant future.

But what if it’s not? What if there is no reason at all? What if life is just a string of random moments bound together by chance? What would you do, if that was the real LIFE? Unexpected and surprising? (Isn’t it like that, anyways?…)

I would just enjoy every day as much as I possibly could, doing my best and using my inner compass as a guide to make sure my actions don’t cause anyone any harm. I would sing out loud, even though I sing off-key. I would eat pizza for breakfast and pancakes for dinner. I would run barefoot through the rain. I would keep trying to fly, with only wings of my imagination  … I would create new rules of life every moment of my existence. Such rules that make my life happy.

What would YOU do?…

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