Posted by Lorelai on May 7, 2014

flying 3Clouded mind matching the clouded sky. Body as heavy as humid air. Every movement seems to be a huge effort. Is it just my damned sensitivity mirroring the mood of the day? Or is my body trying to send me a message to slow down?

The world today demands so much.  There is constant pressure to go forward, to achieve, to gain. To develop the self. To be succesful, fulfilled, happy. The more, the better. Keep on working, keep on moving, keep on thinking, figure things out. Set goals, reach your dreams, make the deadline. Achieve, achieve, achieve … Why are you sitting still? Time’s a wasting … 

Maybe it’s time to disconnect from the craziness? Yes, I am too a part of the world, that I criticize so. I’m still conformed to that way of life. I thought, that I changed and evolved, but I am just repeating the same story under another title. Cloaked with the words of ‘spiritual’ and ‘healing’ are the unconscious needs to become Someone. If I’m not getting somewhere,  if I’m not doing something, do I amount to anything? So easy to get lost in the Ego; it wears many faces and lures innocent sheep into self-destruction.

I have worked, I have learned, I have read, achieved, reached, gained, stayed up all night, finished projects, spent time and money to get degrees. I have meditated, affirmed and exercised. And the more I did, the less was done. And I just moved further and further away from where my life. What’s the point then?

Running after the happiness is useless. Happiness simply happens in the moments you least expect it to come, once you stop forcing yourself upon it. Happiness lives in the moments between. Create the space in mind, in your heart, in your life, and invite happiness there. It will come, when you let go of the need to be happy.

All is well. Nothing else I can do now. My blank mind won’t allow the new ideas. The old ideas served their purpose and belong to the past. I’m in the space between. And it’s ok.

“Embrace it”, the Voice says.

Embrace the nothingness, the clarity of non-doing. Feel the pure peace of Being arising from the emptiness. Feel the connection to the only thing that is real, although unseen, untouchable and unmeasurable – the Spirit. In the moment of reaching Unity, the perfect World will begin to unfold.

Make yourself a cup of tea and watch a movie.

Allow life to happen.

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