New Year – New You? How about New Year – REAL You?

Posted by Lorelai on January 5, 2019

I haven’t been very active professionally or socially towards the end of 2018 and not for the lack of desire or ideas. It felt like I was being drawn inward and towards seclusion, and not even to reflect but to release and transmute all that wasn’t in alignment with who I truly am. It was a very organic and natural process and I’ve learned a long time ago to listen to the voice of the Universe and to just go with the flow of what is happening in the moment. So I didn’t push myself, I didn’t fight, I did my best when I could and  just allowed the rest to happen.

It was interesting to observe myself in circumstances that presented itself in my life and feel the changes happening. No judgement, no opinion, just being with what is  – feeling emotions, connecting to myself, shedding pieces of old skin, letting go.  Sometimes there was joy and excitement; sometimes it was pain and sadness. There’s no good or bad, it is what it is and it’s all perfect and necessary.

I was pushed to go back to revisit who I was before, it took a trip across the ocean and facing old friends and enemies, old places and memories. But I was just an observant of that world this time, I didn’t get pulled into the drama or old reactive behaviours. I saw the inner strength that I didn’t fully realized I have and making choices according to my heart’s voice was easy.

Something’s changed, I’ve changed over the last decade and even more so over the last few months. My eyes have opened to the language of the Soul – I can see, I can hear, I can feel everything and I can only agree to what is on the path of Light and Love.  It became so evident that any and all fear went away.

I no longer can be what I am not. I cannot bite my tongue when I face untruths. I cannot live a life that is not according to my Divine Path.

I finally see it – it’s not about re-creating yourself, it’s about stepping deep into who you truly are and being brave in not giving in to outside forces.

We create our world through our superpowers – being our True Selves.

So that’s what this New Year is about. It’s a new ear of being real, being ourselves, living our truth to the fullest with kindness, compassion and unconditional love. And to remember – unconditional love starts with loving yourself.

If you need support on your journey visit and . I only share what I’ve experienced myself. I am proof that it’s possible. Join me in becoming who we truly are – Beings of Light.

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