A Moment

Posted by Lorelai on August 30, 2014

imagesWhat an unexpected moment… Like the sun after the storm, something suddenly broke through all that sadness and the light was born out of the darkness.

Looking at Her, fully immersed in her joyful ride – as though gently floating in the air, connected to the unspoken beauty of heavens within – my heart filled with love. Deep, all-encompassing, unconditional Love.

It took me by surprise – I don’t usually allow myself to be so taken over by emotions. Uncontrolled, they are dangerous to me. My battered heart cannot handle so much joy, happiness, goodness at one time. It feels undeserving, so such large doses of happiness cause it pain.

But at this moment, when I didn’t pay attention, the emotion sneaked up on me and I felt it completely. My love for Her touched the skies and connected my heart to the Divine Love, that the Creator has for all that he birthed. By feeling my love for Her, I felt His love for me. And I cried.

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