Posted by Lorelai on March 29, 2016

butterfly-releaseThat empowering feeling when you’re no longer obliged to agree to ridiculous demands of the tyrant, who ruled you your whole life.

By years of manipulation he became a voice of fear and guilt in your head, so engraved into your psyche that you were not even aware it was controlling your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

It was a slow process of awakening that uncovered his hidden presence. Slow, hard, painful … But now you are free. You know that, because you no longer  flinch when you hear his voice. You don’t feel the squeeze in your stomach telling you that defying his demands is wrong. You don’t question your own ideas, beliefs and convictions. You just laugh. Because you know who you are and that it’s ok to be YOU. And at last he has no power over you .

He is still doing his crazy passive-aggressive dance, oblivious to the fact that the old rules don’t apply anymore. And you? You just stand there, seeing everything for what it truly is. You breathe in, smile and don’t react at all. You go your own way. No emotions, no struggle. FREEDOM.

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