Just because you can’t see it, does it mean it’s not there?

Posted by Lorelai on March 20, 2015

It’s always cloudy here. Murky atmosphere reminds me of ‘Sleepy Hollow’. Sunshine is a rare and most welcome guest. When it does decide to grace us with its presence, everyone’s faces lighten up with a smile. People are nicer to each other, more friendly, more kind.

It’s always cloudy. And for some reason the skies seem to get even darker when there is a special event showing on the celestian movie screen. It’s been the same for years. But I still had some stupid hope that maybe a miracle will happen and it will be different next time. Not in this lifetime …

It used to make me so angry! All that waiting and excitement, seeing pictures and videos of people recording similar events, and then, when the time came for me to finally experience that myself – clouds, fog, grayness, more clouds …

Today’s solar eclipse was different. Not that I could see it, the skies were cloudy as usual. Well, a couple of glimpses were visible thanks to the strong wind pushing the clouds towards their next destination. It was different, because I’ve had this new thought: is the eclipse not happening, just because I can’t see it?  Did the eclipse decide to cancel its appearance due to weather conditions in my city? … Now, that would be silly, wouldn’t it?

So I went outside and stood on the soft surface of ever-strong Divine Mother, I closed my eyes and looked at the eclipse with my heart. I could feel the tingling coming from above and from below. What a wonderful energy! And the sensation of an important shift taking place. In the world, and in me … Such view could never be seen with the eyes!

Often we get lost in the cloudy chapter of our lives, losing hope of seeing the sun again. But the sun of the Soul is always shining. When we close our eyes and look with our hearts, we will realize that the happiness is always there, even in the fog, even in the clouds, even in the grayness. We simply just can’t see it with our eyes sometimes.

It’s for each of us to decide whether to bring this happiness into our lives or to leave it overshadowed by the clouds. The clouds may never leave, but we are able to let our inner light become the sun that shines in our world, making the clouds invisible.

Can you see it? Can you feel how much power you have? You create your world. Close your eyes and open your heart. The view will take your breath away!

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