In the Moonlight

Posted by Lorelai on April 28, 2014

moonlight-2-1024x768Bathing in the moonlight. The Goddess is in her full glory tonight, shining her blessings onto our world. Those who remember, that they must accept the blessings in order to receive them, will be filled with joy and gratitude tomorrow, dancing in the mist of Miracles.

Don’t you know, that the world is crowded with miracles? They are everywhere, all the time. Sadly, most people forgot how to use their gift of Vision. All the know is how to complain of their bad luck, unable to notice the Miracle of Life in every flower, every sunray, every song of a bird, every smile of a child. They forgot to remember.

Bathing in the moonlight, I remember.

No matter where I am, I always see the same moon. I can’t run away from it, just like I can’t run away from myself. I am always with ME.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to take myself to my old home, to reminisce, to face bad dreams I’ve hidden in the drawers. And to remember that home is where I am, where I want to be.

Bathing in the moonlight in my new home, built on foundations of the old one. Accompanied by MYSELF.

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