Excitedly Waiting

Posted by Lorelai on July 6, 2015

Today is the day when my life is yet again placed on the scales of destiny. I am not afraid. I have put myself into the hands of the Universe, knowing that I know nothing, yet it is in the un-knowing where the wisdom lies.

I am humble, bowing my head to the forces of the Divine. I finally understand that it is not me that is doing the Doing. I am being Done. It is not the matter of the will or choice. The path has been decided oh so long ago. Today, the next step will be revealed to me. And when that happens I will suddenly realize that this is what my Heart desired all along.

How vain I was all my life,thinking that the creation was of my own doing! Me-That-Is-Here is but nothing but a shell, performing tasks set out in the time before time by the Me-Who-Is-Out-There. The scene has been set. The actors have their roles to play and play they will. When their desires connect with the desires of the Universe, they reach the Samsara.

In the quiet peacefulness , for a brief moment, I am connected to All-That-Is, touched by who I really am. I am All and All is Me.

No, I am not afraid. I am excitedly waiting.

[image: fabera.deviantart.com]

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