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My name is Lorelai I. Dali. I am a therapist and a healer, writer and artist, but most of all – a student of spiritual side of human nature and seeker of the Light. I am open to the Universe and all it has to offer, always looking for more than we see with our human eyes.

For years I have been helping others heal themselves in my healing center in Dublin. I am the first Vedic Art Teacher in Ireland and I recently published my first book Miracles of Choice.

My own self-healing started many years back and led me to find great tools that first I used to help myself and then shared with others. I keep on healing, as my Spiritual Journey guides me through what I need to release, learn, change, let go off and understand to go onto the next chapter of my life.

This blog came to life out of some thoughts, either mine or channeled (sometimes I feel like there’s something guiding my words that’s much more than the plain old me) from a part of my life’s journey into awareness and pure consciousness.

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