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Posted by Lorelai on July 21, 2015 with No Comments

Why, sadness, oh why can’t you just leave me alone? Let me be free for just a little breathable moment. Just to get myself together and be able to face you again.

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The Victim

Posted by Lorelai on July 10, 2015 with No Comments

I did not ask to become a Victim, nor did I cling to the idea of holding on to this role once it has been given to me. But it stayed with me nonetheless, hovering just beneath the surface of awareness.

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Excitedly Waiting

Posted by Lorelai on July 6, 2015 with No Comments

Today is the day when my life is yet again placed on the scales of destiny. I am not afraid. I have put myself into the hands of the Universe, knowing that I know nothing, yet it is in the un-knowing where the wisdom lies. Read more…